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of construction materials.

We are a company focused on providing sales and distribution services of construction materials in Medellin, supplying a comprehensive and guaranteed service in purchasing management, always striving for the complete satisfaction of our customers. We offer the best prices in materials and construction and distribution services for housing projects.
We offer:
Great variety of materials such as gaskets, spare parts, wood and glass products, tiles, among others indispensable for the completion of the final stages of construction. In addition, we supply tools, machinery and equipment necessary for construction, offering guarantee and favorable prices.
We are your Purchase Representatives inColombia and United States
Exclusive contracts with JLV Home Design and AE&M Colombia, our strategic allies.

We expedite your
construction material acquisitions.


Skyline Distribuidores seeks to be the leading sales and distribution of quality construction materials and services in Colombia, connecting the country's small and medium industries with opportunities for them to execute and grow. The company focuses on customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and the growth and development of its suppliers.

We manage the quality of
materials for your construction process.


We aim to become the first option when purchasing and selling construction products and materials in Colombia..


Integrity: Commitment to honesty and transparency. .

Excellence: A high commitment to always deliver the highest level of products and services.

Empowerment: Give each level of execution and sales the power and resources to deliver.

Accountability: Always prioritizing the fulfillment of our responsibilities and commitments.

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Gabriela Calles

Strategic Accounts Director

Génesis Catary

Financial Vice-president

Tchandra González


Elena Agudelo

Presidency Financial Assistant


Daniela Silva

Operations Director

Jessica Mejía

Sales and Marketing Director

Angela Valencia

Maintenance Assistant

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